Will MyCafeCup client changes the default windows system shell (explorer.exe)?

A. No, MyCafecup will leave the system as it currently is.  MyCafeCup is not a kind of "System Shell Replacement" application, MyCafeCup will not touch the Windows's system shell (explorer.exe) which is the most important part of Operating System's user interface. Therefore, The replacement of System shell is very important due to increasing the risk of system malfunctional, applications incompatibilities, un-reliable to any other applications. For example : If your windows does not have the "Windows Task bar", so some applications will not work properly or unable to access it. Such as ICQ, MSN, ANTIVIRUS which are required the user double click at its icon on the system tray, etc.

For MyCafeCup Client, Once, the authorized user has successfully log-on to the system, MyCafeCup Client will work just almost like a background process to prevent disturbing or conflicting with any running applications or games. And the users are able to use the machine as much like their machine at home, means your cafe services does not give a lot of any annoying things to the customers.

Q. What's an evaluation version?

A. The "Evaluation" version is a shareware version of both Cafe' Cup Classic and Platinum. There are some limitation of their features as follows :

  • Maximum 5 Clients concurrency.
  • System Policies tabs has been disable.
  • Maximum 1,000 User accounts creating.
  • Emergency Code has been disabled to change.

Q. I am trying to re-move and un-install Client, what is the right way to do it?

A. MyCafeCup provides "Screen Locking" which is the highest security feature in the market today, to fully protect your machine and prevent un-authorized persons trying to use you machine without pay the charge. This "Screen Locking" feature is also work properly in Windows 9x/Me and Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista / 2008 / windows 7 (NT based Technology), which you will never found in others. All you need is only an "Emergency Code" to un-load MyCafeCup Client with out any problems. 

Note : Trying to re-move MyCafeCup Clients manually may makes your Client work in-properly, So DO NOT REMOVE MyCafeCup Client without a valid "Emergency Code".

Q. Will this software slow down or has any bad effect to the networking/system speed?

A. Absolutely No. MyCafeCup won't touch any current networking setting, and the communications between server and each clients will take only about 128-512 Bytes per minutes. So it won't take any bad effect to the current networking and machine performance.

Q. I want to use Thin Clients / N-computing environment in my shop for internet access. Does MyCafeCup work with these environments?

A. Yes, currently there are many shops running Thin-Client and/or N-Computing. MyCafeCup Platinum Server/Client works on any thin client architectures. But some environments need an additional configuration option (un-documented), if after you installed and found the problem on your thin client environment, this mean you have to add this setting, Please contact us for more detail.

Q. Does MyCafeCup work with No-Harddisk (Virtual Network Harddisk) environments?

A. Yes, MyCafeCup Client works on any NOHDD environments.

Q. I downloaded the "Installation Guide Manual" ( .chm file formatted), but I can't open and read it. What's should I do?

A. MyCafeCup's manual file are the help file formatted ( .chm) which is a standard help document system of microsoft windows today. The old windows is 9x/Me that has never been updated from microsoft will not be able to view it. So you need to update your windows online from microsoft website by click at "Start Menu/WindowsUpdate". Or simply download the "Microsoft Help Update" components to update your windows HERE. <just unzip and run>

Q. I had purchased MyCafeCup and successfully register the License Code at the server, but the pink banner beside the Client's LogOn screen still be shown. How to get rid of it?

A. Once you have successfully registering MyCafeCup License, You will now allowed to change an "Emergency Code", which you can change it at a tab entitled "System Policies". Immediately, since you have change the "Emergency Code", it will removes all banner on all clients screen.

Can I change the Backgound picture in Clients?

A. Yes, you can. For both version allows you to change the Client's Background pictures as you want.
  • Stop your Cafe Cup Client.
  • Copy you decided pictures (.JPG/ .GIF/ .BMP) to the Cafe' Cup installed directory.
  • Start Cafe' Cup Client again, then the background will be changed.
  • Note : If you have more than one picture, the system will randomize one of them to be shown on screen. and will be changed every 3-5 mins.

 What's the new "USB Key-Disk" feature?

A.  "USB Key-Disk" is one of the new innovative and useful feature of MyCafeCup Platinum.  Nowday, most people has a USB Drive in their pocket, and most of them have to use it for saving their own personal information. So, they might always plugged in their USB drive into the machine, everty time they logging-on and use the service in the internet cafe shop. They can create the  "USB Key-Disk"  from MyCafeCup Client,'s menu, then they won't have to enter their user name/password for the next time of logging-on anymore.  Just plugged their Key-Disk, then the MyCafeCup Client will automatically fill in their User/Password box.

 My shop servicing a lot of MMORPG/Realtime online games, Are there any problems when using MyCafeCup?

A. No. MyCafeCup Client will work well and have no conflict with them, Since MyCafeCup has been optimized, developped  and tested with a lot of MMORPG gaming system (Most of all are using nProtect/ GameGuard to protecting their games from hacking and also conflict to almost of all cafe-manager softwares in the market today).  You may download an evaluation version to see how's it work with any of your games/applications.

Q. Does Cafe' Cup make a windows shell replacement to my Clients?

A. No, Cafe' Cup Client will not touch or replace the windows system shell. After a user successfully logged-on to the system, they can using the windows in the normal environments. By the way, the "Shell Replacement" concept may make a ton problems to the windows system (due to security, compatibility and system stability), so beaware of using "Shell Replacement" software if possible.

Do I have to pay for updating fee to the new release or anual free?

A.  No. It's "One Time Payment" and TOTALLY FREE for upgrading to the new patch.

Q. What's mainly difference purpose of usage of Cafe' Cup Classic version, Platinum version and EvoSpot plug-in?

  • Platinum is a powerful client/server applications to manage small to large PC rental shops (cybercafe, internetcafe, business center, etc..) and it contains completely all features of Classic version.
  • EvoSpot Plug-in is a plug-in module for Platinum version, to provides the internet connection billing (HotSpot) via wired and/or wireless (wi-fi) using the same user/password from Platinum version.
  • Classic (obsoleted product) is the light weight client/ server application and most popular til late 2002.

What's the maximum clients does the Classic and Platinum support.?

A. In technically term, there are un-limited clients supported for both version, but It's depend on the hardware specification.

Runtime Error '6', '91', etc... What's happen?

A. This error cause by one of follow problems

- You have run "MyCafeCup" directly from the update file set without peviously installed from the Installation File. So Please download the installer file to complete installing of MyCafeCup.

- You might evaluation the both version of MyCafeCup (Platinum and Classic) and un-installed one of those versions. So, please re-install once again the version that you are going to use it permanantly.

Q. Do I have to pay for updating to the new update releases?

A. No. It's totally free of charge as long as you upgrading to the same major version.

Q. How can I do if the Evaluation version is expired?

A. If you wish to use it more, please decide to register a copy. However Cafe' Cup pricing is really resonable to purchase (contact us for pricing).

How to register ?

A. Please send your E-mail to us and we'll send you fully information and methods.

Q. Does any screensaver build-in in MyCafe'Cup?

A. Yes, it does. The Build-in screen saver called "Flora Bouquet."(Classic version) and "Flying in the space" (Platinum Version).

Is it possible to purchase "Unlimited Clients" license ?

A. No, MyCafeCup does not has unlimited number of client machines license. You have to purchase only for the actual number of machines you have.

Can MyCafeCup Client and MyCafeCup Server install in the same machine?

A. Yes. They can. Acctually, we would like to suggest that they should be installed in seperately because the system administrator can monitor and manage the system by not interrupt the customer using time.

Wake-On-LAN supported?

A.  Yes, for MyCafeCup Platinum Version, If your client machine hardware is Wake-On-LAN compliant. (The popup menu "Wake-on-LAN" will be enabled, only when double click at any machine while it being disconnected)

What do I need to use WOL (Wake-On-LAN)?

A.  Ensure you have the follows hardware and configurations.
    • An ATX motherboard with an onboard, 3-pin "WOL" connector and ATX power supply.
    • A network card that can support WOL with its cable to the motherboard properly installed.
    • In the BIOS Power Management, you must enable the LAN Wakeup option.
    • In Windows, in "Device Manager" -> "Network Card" propeties Wakeup should be also enabled.

Q. What's the Emergency Code?

A. Emergency Code are the User Code used for log-on in case of there are a problem with in your network that make both Client and Server can not comunicate to each other.

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