Download Free MyCafeCup Platinum

Free Download MyCafeCup Platinum

Version 2.22 (Build 2299B6)
  3 May 2014

Note : MyCafeCup provides a REALLY HIGH SECURITY for all client machines, so in case of emergency you may have to use an "Emergency Code" to log-on the system.

  • Before installing please Click Here to get the EMERGENCY CODE, we'll send it to you immediately.
  • If you can not read the "Installation Guide" below (Your windows 9x/Me haven't been updated from microsoft yet) Please update the windows help components by install this "Microsoft Help Update"
Installation Guide Manual :
Size 0.10 MB

Installer file : (Server, Client, Help Manual and plug-in)
Size 9.39 MB

System Minimum Requirements :

My Cafe' Cup has been designed for operate under the following minimum requirements :

  • Microsoft Windows© 7 Seven / XP / 2008 / 2003 / Vista / 2000 / NT 
  • 32 bit or 64 bit
  • 64 MB HDD Space
  • Microsoft Windows© 7 Seven / XP / Vista / 2000 / NT / Me / 98 SE / 2008 / 2003 
  • 32 bit or 64 bit
  • 10 MB HDD Space

Evaluation and Registration Note :

This is not free software. Subject to the terms below, you are hereby licensed to use this software for evaluation purposes without charge for a limit of 1000 users accounts creating. If you use this software after evaluation period, a registration fee is required. When payment is received you will be sent a register code of the latest version of My Cafe' Cup. The Software is distributed "as is". There are no warranties or obligations. The Author can only guarantee that the software will occupy space on your hard disk when installed. In no event shall the Author be liable to any damage, incidental or consequential, or any other, that occured due to use or misuse, or inability to use, of the Software.

Limitation of Evaluation Version :

  • Maximum of 5 client machines.
  • Maximum of 1,000 user accounts.
  • Policies setting are disabled. (Included the changing of default emergency code)
  • Unlimited-Online user type is disabled.

Installation Note :

  • Read the "Installation Guide Manual" Click Here.
  • Install MyCafeCup Server First (Only one machine in your LAN), Do not forget to choose "Server" in the installer wizard.
  • All of documents will be installed together with MyCafeCup Server.
  • For easier testing, prepare at least 2 machines. (One for Server and another for client).
  • Install and test the Server software first to ensure that it is working properly before installing the Client software.
  • Check the IP Address of the server. This is located at the top right of the Cafe' Cup Server screen.
  • Install Cafe' Cup Client software. Start the program and input the Server IP Address (see above).

Un-Installation Note :

  • Server : <Control Panel>/<Add / Remove Program>
  • Client : Log on with "Emergency Code" then choose <Remove from auto startup and exit> then go to <Control Panel>/<Add / Remove Program>

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