Welcome to MyCafeCup Beta and Freeware Utilities.
Only for the MyCafeCup's customers .

Objective :
  • For the power user of mycafecup softwares to have a chance to test and try our beta release or system utilities (Freeware for mycafecup users).
  • To provides the public beta version of mycafecup software which expected to be the new release.
Important Note :
  • Testing of  beta software and/or utility, please do it as your own risk.
  • All softwares which available in this page shall works in the machine that already installed mycafecup (Platinum / Classic version).
  • All download files  has "Readme.txt", please read it carefully before using.

MyCafeCup Platinum beta
  • The new beta version of MyCafeCup Platinum Build 2299 Beta 6 is available now!!!.
  • Installer : Download Here! [10 MB].
  • New Cool Feature : Timeplan's 'Restricting period'.
  • New Beta : Improved processing speed and communications, it process faster than all previous versions (That are already faster than others cybercafe softwares.)
  • New Beta : Supports MyCafeCup Task Manager Plug-in to allow the user to end running processes with safety. (This plug-in hides all of important windows system processes)
  • Behide the scene for this new feature : We have to re-designed/ re-coded for more than 30% of internal processing to deliver this new feature for all of our customers, and this took more than two months.
  • All of our customers will be able to upgrade for FREE!!.

MyCafeCup Utility Freeware 
Name Description Download
MyCafeCup Task Manager An add-on task/process killer for mycafecup platinum. XP/2003/Vista/ Win7/2008
MyCafeCup Free Stats Reports An add-on reports generator for mycafecup platinum server. (Trend usages by date / PCs) XP/2003/Vista/ Win7/2008
MyCafeCup MyMember A member registration manager. Add-on software for MyCafeCup Server. (just unzip all files to the installed folder of mycafecup server) 9x/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/ Win7/2008
MyCafeCup Print Monitor Small printing monitor software for the server machine which sharing the printer. (Printer driver have to be Spool enabled) 9x/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/2008
MyCafeCup LAN Monitor A replacement for "Windows XP/2000/2003 LAN notification Icon" in the system tray, which will block the .ability to "DISABLE" LAN by the users.  Cool for Client Machine. 9x/Me/2000/XP/2003
MyCafeCup Mouse Setting For Client Machine,Since the MyCafeCup Client will block the user to access the control panel. So, just put this program to the desktop to allow the user can adjust the mouse  themselves. 2000/XP/2003
MyCafeCup Magix 01 Small utility program to make any window transparent. (cool when opening a lot of programs at a same time) 2000/XP/2003
MyCafeCup Gallery A nice collection of our background images for mycafecup clients. MyCafeCup Gallery !

Recommended Softwares :

  • Avast ! (at Avast.com) : A really fast, secure and reliable Anti-Virus software we have ever tested. [ FREE-WARE ]

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