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The most stable/reliable timer and billing software solution for cyber cafe.

Internet cafe software by mycafecup, the most reliable software for internet cafe, cybercafe with wireless wi-fi hotspot billing solution for windows 32bit - 64bit.
Take real control of your cybercafe with your own wifi hotspot. Explore to get the new management strategies, flexible marketing plans, billing and more easily than ever. This internet cafe software solution supports multiple of authentication and timer methods with pre-paid user, post-paid user, tickets, timecode user accounts, thermal printer, slip-coupons and much more. The system can calculate the service charge rate by period of the day (Cheaper in the morning but normal rate in the prime time) . MyCafeCup is the internet cafe software which has many unique features optimized for CyberCafes, Internet Center, Gaming Cafe, Game Center, Hotel Business Center, Library, School Computer room, Internet Coffee shop, Wireless Restuarant, Apartment, Wi-Fi Wireless HotSpot AccessPoint Area and any PC rental plus WiFi HotSpot Internet Gateway Captive Portal System.
If you are netcafe owner and looking for the easiest / secure / stable internet cafe software, The excellent internet cafe software choice for the best companion for your internet cafe or wireless hostpot zone business. Get FREE download MyCafeCup now, then you will get much more of your FREE time.

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The only true all in one solution cyber cafe timer software plus Wireless Wi-Fi HotSpot software for windows 7, windows 2008, and earlier versions.
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